Meet The Freddy Band


Are you ready to kick off your shoes and do some serious rockin? Then it's time to STEADY FREDDY!

Steady Freddy is the combination of some of your favorite South Florida musicians that come together to make up this powerhouse band. These guys have performed internationally with some of the biggest names in music and will be turning on the juice for their fans. Expect the unexpected at every show as they pull out classics that you may not have heard in a while.

If you have not gotten some Freddy lately....well maybe it's that time!

Dave 'The Snasul' Jacobs - Guitars

Dave's fiery lead guitar work and performance propels the band while helping them to truly create a sound of their own. While Dave remains true to the great classic players that laid the groundwork before him, do not expect a carbon copy. Expect a full throttle delivery of down, dirty, mean and gritty, guitar punch at each performance where ever it may be rockin.

Dave has worked with a large variety of major artists from old school 70/80's concert rock to international reggae superstars, bringing his energy and unique musicianship to each. His heartfelt dedication for delivering a great show at every performance, each and every time connects with audiences instantly making them become a true part of the Freddy experience.

Matt Stanley - Vocals / Flute / Harp / Sax

Matt is the real deal! Killin' it on the classics or delivering his own spin on iconic favororites, he puts his heart into what he sings. Matt is the comsumate front man and have you connected to the music. When Matt hits the stage you just can't help from feeling his emotions and joining in with the fun. Making each appearance special with his smoldering vocals, commanding stage energy and always passionate heartfelt, performances.

Get ready to revisit some old and familiar tunes and take on some new favoraites as this will definitly be a real treat for you. Get ready to put on your dancing shoes for a rockin' good time. Leave your troubles at home and party till you run out of gas in the tank. Matt and the Freddy band will be sure that they get you feeling the fire and that ya keep it steady rollin' all nite long.


Bob Taylor - Keyboards

Combining melodic elements, honky tonk piano and fat old school organ, Bob adds a shine to the raw rock & roll sound the band creates onstage. Bob is called upon to deliver a variety of keyboard styles and sounds to the groups energized signature arrangements of the music.

His keyboard parts can always be counted on to keep things fresh while constantly inventing himself to compliment the energy. Embellishing songs with his musicality, he keeps the music alive and kicking hard when needed. Bob brings the roll to the rock and roll party!

Bob Cleary - Bass

Holding down the bottom with his lowdown, dangerous and dirty bass lines, Bob keeps the music alive and moving at all times. Bob can always be counted on to bring 'it' at all times when keeping the party going for a packed, enthusiastic live audience.

Whether it's his crawling kingsnake bass from the bottom of the swamp or just adding that greasy, snarly funk to the mix. Every show get's the audiences blood pumping hard. Bob creates his special mesmerizing, rock & roll, good time groove medicine mixing it up as he prowls the stage, layin down the thump.


Ezo Hernandez - Drums / Vocals

If you think you hear crashing thunder booms close by, it just may be the sound of Ezo. Always on the beat and with a broad smile on his face, you can depend on Ezo to lay down that groove. Ezo keeps that thunder and backbeat going as it joins together with the musical lightning brought by the rest of the band.

Coming from a family of percussionists, Ezo was drumming at just about the same time he learned to crawl. A gifted singer as well, his vocals add the special touch that gives this band a sound that they can be proud to call their own. He doesn't quit until the last drop of funk has been poured out. Watching Ezo's energy, flavor and fun filled spirit performing is just another part of the Freddy experience. Ezo keeps Freddy on the Steady as you can see and hear.