Our Friends

The 'Rockin Steady Freddy Band'

Let Steady Freddy deliver the same top musicianship, they have used when backing top national acts when they put their own spin on a special selection of tunes you will be sure to remember long after the show is over. Expect the unexpected when you come to a show.

This is band is comprised of some of the 'Best Of The Best' in South Florida. With a vast wealth of combined experience in every type of musical setting, there will surely be something there for everyone to enjoy. The band can rock like a huricane and leave each stage with the audience wanting more.

Roll The Stones (A Tribute To The Music Of The Rolling Stones)

Roll The Stones are more than a tribute or cheezy look alike act. This is a total rocking, get up and dance show comprised of carefully chosen classic songs from a great period in music. Expect a full on high energy, top quality, rock and roll show, performing the music and songs of the 'Rolling Stones' at the height of their prowess. 

This 7 to 9 piece ensemble is comprised of the cream of the crop of South Florida session and performing musicians, and features the best of the Rolling Stones catalog from the 60's,7 0’s and 80’s, capturing the power and excitement of those now legendary stadium tours. 

Green River (A Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Enjoy a full throtle classic rock package with 'Green River.' performing the timeless music of Creedence Clearwater Rivival & John Fogerty. Many of their singles, such as "Proud Mary", "Born On The Bayou", "Fortunate Son", "Up Around The Bend" and "Suzie Q", remain popular with rockers of both the past and present, and their hits remain staples of classic rock radio.

If you are looking for a killer, rock band that will get the place chooglin with a slamming beat and hit after hit with a show that will get the audience on it's feet, then this is the one for you.

American Music (Rock, Blues, Funk, Country, Americana)

This is a show that will be sure to excite all types of music lovers and make you remember why this music is loved and influenced worldwide artists for decades.

America is the birthplace of the Blues, Country, Rockabilly, Soul and Funk. All of this and more can be heard as the band digs into some deep cuts of the songwriters that have kept the U.S. rockin for decades.

There is a reason this music is copied all over the world... Because it is real and lasting. Get your fill of good ol' Americana delivered first class right to your ears and eyes.