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Roll The Stones (Salute To The Rolling Stones) will be doing a LIVESTREAM musical charity event, featuring many very special guests from the Florida music community as well as nationally known celebrities and musicians, all coming together for the benefit of the MusiCares® Foundation.

This event will be filmed from multiple locations
for streaming with services donated by:

One Hundred Percent of ALL Proceeds
Raised Will Be Donated Directly To MusiCares®

We hope we can help those in need. In addition to raising funds for the charity, we hope this idea will go viral with communities around the nation uniting to help the musical community.

Special Guests Joining Roll The Stones

Billy Livesay - Guitar Albert Castiglia - Guitar
Orlin Stoyanov - Steel JP Soars - Guitar
Kat Riggins - Vocals Liz Sharp - Vocals
Nicole Yarling - Violin Tommy Braga - Vocals
Larry Kessler - Cello Stephen Lombardelli - Sax
Silvia Brasil - Vocals Cheryl E Arena - Vocals
Nanci Marani - Vocals Jaimy Lynn Cohen - Violin
Jill Minor - Vocals Hosted by Paul Catronovo



Multiple methods of streamed viewing will be provided.

Individual websites will also link via, YouTube and FaceBook with more to be added.

Donations and Charity Sponsorship

One Hundred percent of all proceeds from this event will be donated to the MusiCares® Foundation.
Links will be available to make donations during and after the event to make a charitable contribution.
PayPal and Square payment services also available.

About "Roll The Stones"

"Roll The Stones" is a proud Salute To The Great Music Of The Rolling Stones. More than simply a tribute act playing the best of the Rolling Stones catalogue. Here you will find an honest love for the great music that this extraordinary band has provided to fans around the world for over five decades staying everlastingly significant forever across generations.

Comprised of the cream of the crop of South Florida session and performing musicians. This is an 8 piece band with a Horn Section, Percussion and Multiple Backup Vocalists providing a loving homage to these truly one of a kind iconic musical and cultural legends.

About MusiCares© and The Recording Academy©

A friend and ally of the music community, the MusiCares® Foundation was established by the Recording Academy to safeguard the health and well-being of all music people. A four-star charity and safety net in times of need, MusiCares offers confidential preventive, recovery, and emergency programs to address financial, medical, and personal health issues. Through the generosity of donors and volunteer professionals, their dedicated team works across the country to ensure the music community has the resources and support.

Music Is The Original Melting Pot.
A Unifying Blend Of Creeds And Cultures.

It makes us dance, helps us celebrate, and reminds us that at our heart, we’re all the same.


information email: stones@ROLLTHESTONES.COM


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